Green technology of tomorrow, now.

The state-of-the-art cooling technology, as natural as it should be.


No motors, no fans, no noise—these units are virtually silent.


No fan is required to circulate air, saving up between 40 % – 50 % of the energy used in other air conditioning systems. Plus, since the air velocity is low, the capillary can operate at a very efficient point.

No draft

Large volume, low velocity convection air movement provides consistent, gentle air circulation

Easy maintenance

With no moving parts or filters, the only maintenance required is the occasional cleaning of the surfaces.

Easy install

With no electrical hookups, they are easy to add in retrofit applications. Just hook into heating and cooling piping in an existing building.

Wall Shafts Cooling System
Flexible and accurate pipe laying

Cold water flows through the very thin capillary tubes having outer diameters of 3.4 or 4.3 mm.

• Due to the large exchange surfaces, considerable amounts of energy can be transferred.
• The surface areas provide for a quick withdrawal of the cooling loads.
• Temperture supply between (15°C to 17°C) and Temperature return between (17°C to 19°C) at only 2 to 3 K spreading between supply and return.
• The system must be provide with the dewpoint sensor in order to prevent the condensation

During the cooling cycle, cold water circulates through the capillary. As air within the units is cooled, natural convection moves this cooled air towards the floor, while drawing warmer air towards the ceiling, creating a steady cycle of air circulation.

As warm air moves across the cool coil, the moisture in the air condenses on the capillary and drops into the pan to be drained away.

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