Natural Cooling

as it should be

Because that is the best way to guarantee high efficiency, low energy costs and a cozy room climate.

Radiant Heating and Cooling with Capillary Tube Mats. Comprehensive and Silent Air Conditioning by Utilizing the Natural Capillary Effect.

Hydronic Solutionsby First Venture

Inspired by Nature

Virtually Silent

Efficient Cooling

Easy to Maintain

Introducing the latest german cooling and heating technology in the Middle East and North Africa

The objective is to significantly reduce energy consumption without restricting convenience and the operating safety of the system to benefit the environment and the wallet of the operator.

This objective can be achieved only through efficient use of resources, environmental energy. Which requires a technology that works at significantly lower cooling/heating water temperatures.
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No motors, no fans, no noise—these units are virtually silent.

No Draft

Large volume, low velocity convection air movement provides consistent, gentle air circulation.

Easy Installation

With no electrical hookups, they are easy to add in retrofit applications. Just hook into heating and cooling piping in an existing building.


No fan is required to circulate air, saving up between  40-50 % of the energy used in other air conditioning systems.

Easy Maintenance

With no moving parts or filters, the only maintenance required is the occasional cleaning of the surfaces.


Medically proven to be better than traditional air conditioning by providing uniform thermal room conditioning.

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